8:00AM - 8:45AM Welcome and Opening Keynotes



9:00AM - 9:50AM Concurrent Session A




Description: We are entering the age of the 5th generation of mobile networks.

For the first time, we are going to see the entire network virtualized and moved

to the cloud. We’ll walk you through the technology of mobile networks, and

explain how they work. We’ll then show you how these networks are evolving

in 5G, with the help of companies like VMware.


Session speaker: Jim Tavares, Director, Telco Cloud Deployments, VMware


Professional Development

Description: Update soon

Session speaker: Aida Riva, Senior Open Source Program Manager,

Open Source Program Office (OSPO), Global Multi-POD Professional

Development Lead, VMware


10:00AM - 10:50AM Concurrent Session B



Description: While this pandemic has forced many businesses to reduce

or suspend operations, affecting their bottom line, it has helped to

accelerate the development of several emerging technologies. This is

especially true for innovations that reduce human-to-human contact,

automate processes, and increase productivity amid social distancing.

Eight technologies stand to bourgeon in a post COVID19 world.

Session speaker: Ahmed Banafa, Professor, General Engineering,

San Jose State University


Description: Autonomy, AI, Machine Learning are emerging technologies that is raising

the bar for artificial intelligence.  High Performance Processor’s  compute power and

benchmark performance are outshining its competitors, while becoming the Ideal

solution for deep learning and artificial intelligence. Lockheed Martin Space is no

stranger to adapting and leveraging emerging and advance technologies to design and

develop the next generation space solutions. Here at LM Space we leverage high

performance CPUs/GPUs and deep learning algorithms, frameworks, and tools in a verity

of ways. This Presentation will give an overview on how we are researching, designing,

deploying ways of incorporating embedded CPUs/GPUs to provide a low swap solution to

integrate deep learning algorithms onto payloads, spacecraft, SUAS, SUGS and ground

stations. Finally, this presentation will also present LM Space’s SmartSat Software Framework

for implementing and deploying AI/ML algorithms for our space platforms.

Session speaker: Bennie Lewis, Lockheed Martin

Professional Development

Description: Update soon

Session speaker: Anicea Dines, Director, Technical Partner Management,


Professional Development

Description: Update soon

Session speaker: Tammy Sanders, Sr. Manager for Global Inclusion & Diversity,

LAM Research



11:00AM - 11:40AM Diversity Caucus Discussion Sessions


Session speaker: Stephen Lu, Xiao (Jessica) X Sun, Lockheed Martin



Session speaker: Dylan Tsague, Karen Hester, Lockheed Martin



Session speaker: Eulises Valdovinos, Katty Coulson, Oracle

Denise Lainez, Marisa Jimenez, Cristian Carranza, Lockheed Martin



Speaker: Lori Kahn, Lockheed Martin



Speaker: Ana Naverrete, Undocu


11:45AM - 1:15PM Lunch Plenary Panel

Panel Speakers:

Thomas Ahn, California MESA Director,

Mary Papazian, San Jose State University President,

Sheryl Ehrman, Dean of Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering,

San Jose State University

Gina Di Napoli, Chief of Police, San Jose State University

1:30PM - 2:30PM Thank You and Closing Keynote



1:30PM - 4:00PM Mock Interview Sessions


Session 1: 1:30PM - 2:00PM

Hosts: Lockheed Martin, Oracle


Session 2: 2:00PM - 2:30PM

Hosts: Valley Water, Lockheed Martin, Oracle


Session 3: 2:30PM - 3:00PM

Hosts: Lockheed Martin, Oracle


Session 4: 3:00PM - 3:30PM

Hosts: Lockheed Martin,Oracle, VMware


Session 5: 3:30PM - 4:00PM

Hosts: Lockheed Martin, Oracle

You Matter

8 Tech Trends in a

Post Covid-19 World

Technical Interview

5G Networks

Keynote: Maria Hartin-Swart,

Lockheed Martin Director,

Strategic & Missile Defense Program Contracts


Sheryl Erhman, Dean of College of Engineering,

San Jose State University

Blanca Sanchez-Cruz, Valley Water

Autonomy and AI

in Space

Technical Interview

Bamboo Ceiling and How to Overcome It

Walking the Professional Line

Community Wealth and Imposter Syndrome

Daring Greatly and Inclusion Solutions

Dreamers Discuss Session

Unconscious Bias

and Micro-inequities

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